What We Do

At Mind and Movement, we provide solution to reduce your acute or chronic pain and help you move better. We gather top independent therapists and movement instructors in Singapore all under one roof. Together, we collaborate to deliver the best results and effective solution for our customers. 

Reduce pain & recover with Physiotherapy

If you are in pain, we can help you. We help people resolve pain, improve movement, alignment and body awareness. We rely on our proven methods to develop a healing approach that is unique to our client’s needs. Our approach is effective, client-oriented and non-invasive.

Among the treatments we offer include the following:

Better Movement for Better Quality of Life

Movement is the most essential part of our life. A better movement without pain leads to better quality of life. We specialise in different type of movement training, to help you resolve chronic pain and stiffness, regain strength and mobility, change your body awareness and posture.

Some of our movement training programmes include the following:

Bodywork for Better Alignment & Function

The right alignment and posture can change the way you feel. The wrong alignment over a prolonged period can cause restriction, stiffness or pain of your joints and muscles.

Bodywork aims to release chronic tension on muscles and joints caused by poor posture, overuse and misalignment of joints. It is an effective way to realign the joints and balance the posture.

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Treatment Room & Pilates Equipment Rental

We’re not just here for the clients, we’re here for the practitioners too. If you need a space for your clients, we have a flexible and cost-effective rental programme.

Come and find what you need in our space. We have treatment rooms and Pilates equipment for rent. We cater to health practitioners such as physiotherapist, osteopath, rolfer, manual therapist and Pilates instructor. Get in touch with us to find out!

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Why Choose Use?

Everyone should live their lives to the fullest potential. That is why we strive to deliver wellness excellence through our range of effective treatments and therapies.

Wellness should be accessible to everyone. If your health is important to you, it is important to us too.

Come Find Us

Where are we? We are located at 390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance #10-03. Come find us near Orchard MRT where ample parking is available for your convenience.