Bodywork enhances postural efficiency, improves movement and reduces chronic pain. At Mind and Movement, we provide various types of bodywork for different conditions.

Structural Integration

Structural Integration (SI) is a form of bodywork that uses manual techniques and movement education to help ease pain, give more freedom and range of movement, and help ease restrictions and long-held tension in the body. More importantly, it helps you become more body aware and gives you an understanding of your compensation patterns or constraints in movement.

The Structural Integration (SI) Therapy Benefits

Among the benefits you stand to gain from regular SI sessions include:

  • Resolving chronic pain and discomfort in your body
  • Reducing faulty movement disorder and compensation caused by old injuries
  • Improve posture and body alignment
  • Improve joint mobility and movement
  • Enhance body awareness in movement and posture to prevent injury
scar tissue therapy

Structural Integration Session– How it Works

Structural Integration is a bodywork that treats a variety of problems including chronic pain in joints and movement, poor posture, and mobility It works by restoring balance and mobility in soft tissues and joints in the body. This may be beneficial for most types of people and conditions. 

Suitable for all age groups – Children and older adults alike often report significant relief from symptoms such as chronic pain, stress, and stiffness after completing Structural Integration session with us.

Improves overall movement and mobility –  Many people find that Structural Integration helps them to improve their overall physical movement as well. 

You will typically need between 10 to 12 sessions of Structural Integration, but we’ll assess your condition and only then give you a plan.


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Scar Tissue Therapy

Producing scar tissue is a normal part of our body’s response to trauma. 

Unfortunately, scarring can lead to the development of adhesions which may restrict the natural movement away from or close to the site of the scar. 

Adhesions can restrict mobility and normal function of joints and organs, thereby creating a feeling of tightness and pain.

Scar tissue therapy frees up the adhesions, releasing nerve from fascial restriction which assists in pain relief.

Stimulation to the tissues will likely promote blood and lymphatic supply for cell regeneration.

Whom does Scar Tissue Release Therapy Benefit?

  • Anyone who’s had surgery or experienced trauma
  • Woman’s health
  • C-section
  • Epidurals
  • Abdominal surgeries
  • Cancer
  • Knee surgery
  • Hip surgery

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