Pilates For Injury Recovery

Pilates is a form of exercise that stretches and strengthens the muscles.

Using Pilates as a form of injury recovery can be done using Pilates equipment or on the mat. However, not everyone is suitable for some of the fancy Pilates movements. Especially those who suffer from injuries and experience pain and movement difficulties.

That is precisely why our Pilates for injury recovery program is designed and conducted by physiotherapists. Using a combination of physiotherapy treatment and Pilates exercises, our movements are suitable for clients with the following conditions:

  • Post injury with pain and movement difficulties.
  • Post-surgery strengthening to improve strength, mobility and control.
  • Chronic stiffness and weakness due to past chronic injury

Our physiotherapists are certified Pilates instructors who are at the top of their professional physiotherapy skills. Our exercise programs are designed and tailored based on your condition and needs.

Pilates for Fitness

Pilates for fitness can be done on the Pilates equipment or on the mat. It is suitable for clients looking to strengthen their muscles, improve flexibility, joint mobility and posture. Regular Pilates sessions will help our body to achieve tone, flexibility, and strong muscles and joints.

Our instructors are chosen based on their extensive knowledge of Pilates movement. Their expertise, combined with a good personality, are the winning combination we need to help our clients. With the collaboration of physiotherapists, we provide safe and effective Pilates workout sessions for you.


Movement Assessment and Correction

Movement is the key of life. We want to make sure we can continue moving with ease and pain free as we age and enjoy the activities we like to do. Therefore, a correct and effective movement pattern is crucial. Poor movement pattern leads to injury, chronic pain and movement disorder.

We provide thorough movement assessment for our client if they experience pain or difficulty in movement, such as walking, sitting or climbing stairs. We also provide assessment for sports movement such as golf, tennis, weight lifting to improve performance, reduce restriction and pain.


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Senior Body Conditioning

We designed our body conditioning training for the senior population who experience movement difficulties in daily life. The difficulties could be due to weakness, stiffness and chronic pain, such as walking, sitting to standing etc.

The program includes the following approaches:

  • Management of chronic pain and stiffness
  • Stretching therapy to improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility
  • Strengthening exercise to improve strength, balance and movement control
  • Education of daily functional movements such as walking, sitting and standing etc.

All the movement training sessions are conducted on a 1 to 1 private basis. This ensures our clients have the full attention to achieve their needs and goals.

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sports physiotherapy, sports injury management, manual physical therapy, body movement therapies, chronic injury treatment, nerve manipulation therapy, movement correction
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